Canine Remedial Massage Therapy

A holistic Remedial Massage Therapy practice looking after ALL dogs from ALL walks of life…from pets, sports, agility and show dogs may help benefit your dog in the following ways:

  • accelerate recovery from injury or following surgery;
  • resolve pain, often settling or improving lameness;
  • support orthopaedic conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia and arthritis;
  • ease the effects of ageing by improving stiffness and lack of mobility;
  • relax your dog and improve both mood and behaviours such as fear, anxiety and reactivity;
  • improve sporting dog performance in sports such as canicross, flyball, agility, obedience and show;
  • assist the resolution of gait abnormalities, muscle and ligament strains;
  • resolve muscular conditions;
  • supports the dog’s general well-being and overall health.

This list is not exhaustive

4 Paws Natural Therapies acknowledges and adheres to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and will never work on a dog without prior veterinary consent.

Rates are £40 per hour, with a first treatment lasting at least 90 minutes, subsequent treatment lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.

Canine Remedial Therapy Services

A Rehabilitation Programme following surgery can be planned in conjunction with your Veterinarian and/or Physiotherapist to enable the best treatment for your dog to ensure your dogs best and shortest recuperation time. Each rehabilitation programme will vary from dog to dog as each dog is an individual and their response to surgery is subject to change or if any complications should occur.

The key objectives during early recovery will be to:

  • achieve pain relief and optimise healing;
  • reduce inflammation and stimulate healing of soft tissue;
  • maintain range of movement;
  • assist body to return to its natural balanced state;
  • prevent compensatory use of other limbs and atrophy of surrounding muscles.

The phases of recovery and rehab will follow approximately:

  • Acute phase – Post op to 3 weeks;
  • Sub-acute phase – 4 to 6 weeks;
  • Mid phase – 7 to 9 weeks;
  • End phase – 10 to 12 weeks.

Rates are £40 per hour, with a first treatment lasting at least 90 minutes, subsequent treatment lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.

Pre and Post Event Massages

Advice can also be given on how you can use techniques to assist the fitness training and routines to aid your dog as a supplement to your canine athlete’s warm-up to enhance circulation and reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to competition and then a post event massage to assist in recovery after competition involving tissue normalisation and repair but general relaxation and mental calming.

Pre Event

  • Part of warm up routines
  • Preparation for your dog for increased energy demands
  • Increased blood circulation both oxygen and nutrient supply
  • Relax and calm your dog
  • Stimulate specific target muscle groups
  • Prepare neural pathways and assists with proprioception
  • Applied passive stretching techniques may improve RoM, muscle function, tendon function and assist in prevention of ligament strain
  • Warming of soft tissue and muscle
  • Assists muscle elasticity
  • Areas of known tension and soreness can be relieved, reducing the chance of tears or strain of muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Post Event

  • First aid inspection
  • Assists recovery between training sessions
  • Monitors stress build up areas
  • Assists flow of lymph and therefore the removal of waste products of metababolism (CO2 and actic acid)
  • Dispersal of oedema
  • Assists venous circulation
  • Reduces muscle spasm/trigger points
  • Passive stretches help to restore RoM, reduce myofascial pain and muscular tension
  • Assists prevention of scar tissue formation
  • Tissue metabolism is hastened to assist repair.

Passive Stretching

To relax ligament and muscle tension in order to promote freer movement. Regular stretching can prevent muscle problems, help relax the dog and develop his awareness of his limbs. Stretching helps to improve co-ordination of movement. Stretching must only be performed when the animal is warm otherwise tendons, muscles and ligaments can be at risk of damage if stretched whilst cold.

  • Flexibility – Stretching keeps the muscle fibres and joints flexible. Stretching muscle lengthens the fibres. This action affects the ‘gogli’ sensory nerve cells. Stretching allows for better elasticity of the muscles, tendons and ligaments which results in freer easier, more controlled and quicker movements – all resulting in better overall co-ordination.
  • Prevention of injuries – Stretching helps to loosen joint capsules helping the body to feel more relaxed. Muscle scar contractures are released and muscle pain is relieved from chronic tension. Stretching also helps reduce post exercise soreness and stiffness.
  • Metabolism – Stretching increased blood and lymphatic circulation and brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It also helps prevent inflammation and scar tissue formation and stress point build up.
  • Improvements – Regular stretching improve the range of movement in joints and increases the length of stride.
  • Awareness – Stretching increases your dog’s sense of body awareness helping him become more aware of his limbs, thereby improving his co-ordination.
  • Nerves – Stretching decreases motor nerve tension transmitted throughout the body and sends relaxation impulses via the sensory nerves to the central nervous system. Leading to both physical and mental relaxation of the animal.

Dog Walking

Fully insured, DBS checked and first aid trained dog walker with your dog’s interest at the top of our priorities, available for walks in the GL11 and surrounding area or if you just want someone to pop in and check on your dog whilst you’re at work. Also on Stroud Council’s Register of Professional Dog Walkers.

Rates are £10 per hour.

Rates above include mileage unless more than 10 miles from GL11 4NT then these are is additional charge of 45p per mile as per HMRC guidelines.

Next Steps…

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